About the Department

The Placement Cell plays a major role in guiding the way for success in a student’s career. With a steady track record of achieving a maximum number of placed students, the department strives to ensure that no students are left out from achieving their ambition. Our training programs are focused on a complete development of building students’ expertise in Technical, Aptitude as well as Soft skills. Our unique skill-based assessment evaluates students based on their performance and knowledge levels. The main objective of the Cell is to bridge the gap between the stringent competition in the industry and with the existing talent available in the college.


Activities facilitates an overall development of the students grooming by providing a range of inputs like

Many programs have been organized within the campus with industry experts to develop student’s skills such as:

The prime objective of the cell is to provide students with the latest training and certifications in line with the Corporate and Industries. The cell draws out competencies of the students and enables them to strive for better job opportunities.